The most important questions and answers

Do I have to be a student to live in W|27?

The W|27 offer is directed exclusively at all students.


What service does W|27 offer?

Our residence hall has a modern fitness room as well as a laundry room with washing machines and dryers operated by a service provider. In addition, there is a communal kitchen, a large roof terrace and a lounge area to meet and chat with your roommates. We offer you sufficient bicycle parking and the possibility to rent a parking space for your car.


Which apartments offers W|27?

The design of our apartments depends on the size and location in the building. There are 212 apartments from 20,35 to 47,72 m² with and without balcony. Of these, 3 are barrier-free and 7 are intended as partner apartments. All apartments can also be reached via the elevator.


What is included in the rent?

Your fixed rent includes the fully furnished equipment of your apartment including kitchen as well as the use of the common areas. It includes all additional costs as well as high-speed internet via Wi-Fi. The use of the fitness room, the community kitchen, the roof terrace and the bicycle parking spaces are also included. Please note that there are additional costs for the use of the laundry room as well as for the rental of car parking spaces.


How and when do I pay my rent?

Please always transfer your rent independently by the 3rd day of each month at the latest. The best way is to set up a monthly standing order.


To what extent is VAT reduction taken into account when renting?

The rental prices for apartments and parking spaces on the website are all-inclusive rents including VAT. The difference resulting from the reduction in VAT is reimbursed monthly.

What's the rent deposit?

The deposit is 800,00 Euro (for partner apartments 1.200 Euro). This deposit must be received by us at least 5 days before the beginning of the rental period on the mentioned deposit account. We also offer you a cheap alternative via a deposit insurance ("kautionsfrei.de") so that you don't have to advance the deposit. In this case you only have to pay a small annual fee to the insurer. In this case you send us the guarantee certificate by post at least one week before the start of the rental period.


How can I reserve an apartment?

Select an available apartment in the overview. You will be forwarded to our booking page. There you register and upload your relevant documents. We will check your data and, if successful, send you a rental contract to download. You have to sign it and upload it as soon as possible to our booking page using your registration. As we receive a lot of requests, we do not make a reservation, but assign the apartment after receiving the signed rental contract. As soon as we provide you with the mutually signed rental agreement for download, the apartment is booked for you or a legally binding rental agreement exists and is no longer available for further rental.
Unfortunately we do not offer on-site viewing. However, you can get a first impression by taking a 360° tour of one of our standard apartments (see page "Our Apartments").


When does a lease come into effect?

As soon as we have successfully checked your documents, the rental agreement has been signed by both parties and you have transferred the deposit or taken out the deposit insurance, you are a tenant.


Is there a contractual minimum rental period?

Our rental contracts are limited to a maximum of 3.5 years and have a minimum rental period of 3 months.


Can I revoke the lease?

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal after signing the contract. However, the right of withdrawal expires prematurely if you have moved into the apartment in the meantime.


What documents do I need to conclude the rental agreement?

- certificate of enrollment / proof of study place

- For students at Bildungscampus Heilbronn: CampusCard ID (if already available)

- Proof of identity (identity card or passport) - please black out non-relevant information such as the passport number

- Foreign applicants: valid residence permit

- When renting a barrier-free apartment: disability certificate

- When renting a partner apartment: proof of identity (identity card) of room mate


When and how can I resign?

The selected rental period is considered binding (fixed term). Extraordinary notice of termination is only possible in the event of de-registration, change of university or a stay at another location far away from the university at the end of the quarter, i.e. on 31.03. / 30.06. / 30.09. and 31.12. of a year. The period of notice is 6 weeks on the above-mentioned dates. Please use our template in the tenant portal for this purpose.


Can I become a tenant even though I am not yet of the legal age (18 years)?

In this case a legal representative must sign a mandate for you. You will receive this from us after uploading your documents.


Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in principle.


All apartments are booked or reserved. Can I be placed on a waiting list?

There is no waiting list. Please just check our homepage from time to time. Our apartments are often only rented for a short period of time, so there may be apartments available at short notice.


Are there car parking spaces available?

There are 76 underground parking spaces and 18 outside parking spaces. These can be rented separately. Only tenants of W27 have the possibility to rent parking spaces. The monthly costs for an underground parking space are 70 €, for the outside parking space 40 €.


How can I rent a parking space?

After you have rented your apartment, you can contact us via your tenant portal and make a request. We will provide you with the rental agreement for download.


Can I view an apartment in advance?

The apartments can only be viewed via the digital tour (see page "Our apartments"). Unfortunately an on-site inspection is not offered.


How are the apartments equipped?

All apartments are fully furnished, i.e. with bed incl. mattress, wardrobe, round table with two chairs and a workplace with office swivel chair. In addition, each apartment has its own kitchenette with a small fridge, hob and oven. The bathroom is equipped with shower.


What do I have to bring to move in?

The apartments are furnished and equipped with a kitchenette. Dishes and bedding are not available and must be brought along.


Where can I do my laundry?

Our recidence has a "digital laundry", i.e. you can use the washing machine and dryer and pay a small fee via an app of our cooperation partner "WeWash". You only have to bring your own detergent.


How do I report a damage?

You can report damage to us on the tenant online portal. We will take care of quick troubleshooting.


How and where can I register?

Select an apartment in the overview; you will then be automatically forwarded to the registration in the online portal.


On what day can I move in?

Access to W|27 is managed digitally via access card. If you are a student of the Bildungscampus Heilbronn your CampusCard additionally functions as access card. All other students can pick-up their access card at the Bildungscampus (No. 9/ L-Bau / "Tower" - Reception). Please note our opening hours (Mon-Fri from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Access to W|27 is activated with the beginning of the rental period (if we have received your signed rental agreement by post and the rental deposit has been paid). If you are a tenant of a partner apartment, you will receive a second card at the reception.


What day do I have to move out?

The day the rental ends. It this date falls on a weekand or public holiday, the move-out takes place on the working day before. We've confirmed this with you beforehand and made an appointment for the handover with you. About four weeks before the end of the rental period we also make an appointment with you for a preliminary inspection. There we will check if there are any damages or if renovation works are necessary. This way we make sure that your move out is uncomplicated for you.


I have lost my access card. How do I get into my apartment?

Don't worry, you can reach our hotline around the clock. Our staff will help you so that you can quickly and easily access your apartment again.