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Im Studierendenwohnheim W|27 gibt es Apartments mit und ohne Balkon für 1-2 Personen. Im Grundriss siehst du, welche Wohnungen zum Innenhof und welche zur Wilhelmstraße bzw. Südstraße ausgerichtet sind.

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Location within the building

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2nd and 3rd floor

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2nd and 3rd floor

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2nd and 3rd floor

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Booking process

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Notes on renting

Term of lease

Rental is for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 3.5 years. If you have a temporary visa, the rental period is limited to the period of this residence permit. In order to guarantee a rental of W|27 according to the occupancy concept, the barrier-free apartments are only rented for a maximum of 1 year.

Fixed term

Fixed term The selected rental period is considered binding. Extraordinary termination is only possible in the event of de-registration, change of university or a stay at another location far away from the university for study reasons.


The following evidences must be provided for the rental of an apartment:

  • Certificate of enrollment / proof of study place
  • Students Bildungscampus Heilbronn: CampusCard ID (if already available)
  • Proof of identity (identity card or passport) - please black out irrelevant information
  • When renting a barrier-free apartment: proof of disability
  • When renting a partner apartment: proof of identity of the partner
  • Applicants from non-EU countries: residence permit/visa

We only check your name, address and date of birth. All other identification data can be blacked out before uploading. As soon as the check is complete, your ID document will be deleted - no storage will take place.

Rent confirmation

Please note that if there are several applicants for one apartment, the time of the rental contract upload decides on the allocation. However, you have the possibility to apply for another apartment.


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Overview of the outdoor parking spaces

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Overview of the underground parking spaces

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